Confluence Competition

CoCo 2019


2 November 2018   new categories on commutation and infeasibility problems announced
5 October 2018   1st call for tools and problems
4 October 2018   web site created


This site lists relevant information for the 8th Confluence Competition. CoCo 2019 will run live during TOOLympics, an event to celebrate the achievements of the various competitions or comparative evaluations in the field of Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS 2019) which is held in Prague, Czech Republic on April 6 and 7.


problem submission1 March 2019
tool registration16 March 2019
tool submission23 March 2019
secret problem submission   30 March 2019
competition6 or 7 April 2019

Problem Submission

Problems submitted before March 1, 2019 (via the COPS web interface) will be considered for CoCo 2019. In addition, there is the option to submit secret problems after the tool submission deadline. Details will be announced in due time.


All competition categories in CoCo 2018 will run in 2019. In addition, there will be new categories on infeasibility as well as commutation problems. Details will be announced shortly. Requests for further categories have to be made by email to the CoCo SC before October 31, 2018.