Confluence Competition

CoCo 2022


18 May 2022   call for tools and problems
17 December 2021   date of CoCo 2022 is fixed
29 November 2021   1st call for new problems
24 November 2021   panel members announced
24 November 2021   web site created


This site lists relevant information for the 11th Confluence Competition. CoCo 2022 will run live during IWC 2022, the 11th International Workshop on Confluence, which is held on August 1, 2022 as part of FLoC.


problem submission 17 June 2022
tool registration   22 June 2022
tool description   29 June 2022
tool submission 12 July 2022
secret problem submission   17 July 2022
competition 1 August 2022


CoCo 2022 will feature a new category on context-sensitive confluence. The complete list of categories for 2022 is available. Requests for further categories have to be made by email to the CoCo SC before April 1, 2022.

Problem Submission

Problems submitted before June 17, 2022 (via the COPS web interface) will be considered for CoCo 2022.

Tool Registration

Tool registration is done through EasyChair. Please enter the tool name in the title field, the tool contributors as authors, and the participating categories (choose from COM, CPF-CTRS, CPF-TRS, CSR, CTRS, GCR, HRS, INF, NFP, SRS, TRS, UNC, UNR) as well as a link to the website of the tool in the abstract field. The strict deadline for tool registration is June 22, 2022.

Tool Description

Tool authors are invited to submit a one-page system description. System descriptions will be included in the proceedings of IWC 2022 and typically highlight the distinctive features of the tool. Please submit a single latex file in EasyChair latex style. The strict deadline for tool description is June 29, 2022.


CoCo 2022 is overseen by a panel of knowledgeable experts who are not participating in the competition: